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The Home Owners Association

Whether you are looking at the terracotta roofs of a Tuscan village, the graying cedar on the roofs of Nantucket or the absence of vinyl siding & golden arches in a New England village, you are looking at Historic zoning or HOA regulation. Shaker Bay regulations prevent vinyl or aluminum doors and siding, asphalt or fiberglass shingles, pop out muntins, dyed cement passing for stone, unregulated cutting of trees and major changes to the architecture or landscape without prior HOA approval. This function of the HOA is to prevent your returning home to find that the trees that screened your house from the one next door are gone, that their house has been painted orange and purple, a dump truck has taken up residence in front, flood lights now shine into your window, a sport utility vehicle is ravaging the landscape and a new addition is about to be shoehorned in next to you. Each property enhances or detracts from the common experience affecting everyone's values accordingly.

Besides approving changes once the homes are built, the HOA maintains the Common, the tennis courts, the Nature Preserve and represents the interests of Shaker Bay as relates to the Town and the wider community. It consists of five elected directors. These directors designate a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rules and Regulations Committee, Architectural Review Committee and whatever else they deem appropriate to carrying out their functions.

It is the responsibility of the seller to see that the prospective owners of property in Shaker Bay have a copy of the Attorney General's no action letter which details these things before signing a purchase contract.

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