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Architect Designs for an In-Town Country Place

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Designing & Building

We offer 3 approaches to design, (1) canned plans approved for a particular site, (2) copies from pictures executed by approved architects or engineers, (3) Original plans by one of our approved architects.

As this is not a builder owned project, any reputable builder who has successfully built a similar house can be chosen. You may save by having your architect bid out the plans. Another approach is to purchase one of our homes built on speculation early enough to make interior selections.

Title may not be transferred without approval of the preliminary exterior design and location.

The paradigm of Shaker Bay comes from places like Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Lenox, Stockbridge Etc. where variety, authenticity, and a relaxed country atmosphere prevail. Our portfolios show examples for each site and illustrate the principals on which approvals are based. No review is done on interiors. Regulations exclude vinyl or aluminum siding, asphalt shingles, artificial stone and pop out muntins.

Maximum house sizes and heights are set to correspond with the particulars of the lot. Topography and vegetation vary substantially, most provide a private natural setting inviting large window complexes to bring in the forest, bay view or meadow. Smaller one acre lots are set around the two acre common.


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